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As a landlord, we recognize the significance of finding the right tenant and achieving the ideal rental income for your property. We understand the importance of a trustworthy partner who can assist you in renting out your home and navigating the process seamlessly. With our extensive experience in real estate spanning several decades at Keller Williams Bermuda, our rental team offers the following services:

Promoting Your Property

We employ various marketing strategies, including our own website, Property Skipper, social media platforms, our extensive network of potential tenants, and collaborations with other real estate companies.

Property Viewings & Tenant Selection

We organize property viewings for potential tenants while minimizing disruption to existing tenants or owners. One of our key responsibilities is helping landlords choose the most suitable tenant by conducting comprehensive tenant evaluations and background checks.

Lease Management

Once a tenant has been selected, we handle lease preparation, secure signatures, collect the security deposit, first month’s rent, and Stamp Duty payment. We also ensure that the leases are properly stamped, and once the process is complete, we distribute the original documents.

If you prefer to avoid the time and effort involved in managing your rental property, our affiliated company, Moura & Associates, can take care of the entire process. Our dedicated team will handle all maintenance issues, payments to subcontractors, inspections, check-ins and check-outs, as well as rent collection and distribution.


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